External OCS Address Book download fails after installing OCS Update Service

November 5, 2007

in Microsoft, OCS

I encountered an unexpected (and undocumented) change in the behavior of the Address Book Service (ABS) after setting up the new OCS Update Service for Communicator 2007 Phone Edition (Tanjay) devices.

After running the ConfigUpdatesServer.vbs script to activate the service on the OCS Web Components server Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 (MOC 2007) now wants to connect to a different public URL for the Address Book download.  This is only because the ExternalWebFQDN specified in the script parameters (reference OCS Update Service Deployment Guide) was different than what the current FQDN the OCS Web Components were previously published under.  I would imagine that if you are using the same FQDN you won’t run into this problem.  However, this could be a potential issue in deployments where you may want to dedicate a server to the OCS Update Service.

I only discovered this change because we are publishing the OCS Web Components using ISA 2006 and have heavily defined public name and path statements configured in the firewall rules.  After running the script with the new FQDN (which wasn’t allowed via the “Public Name” or “Paths” tab in the OCS Web Components rule) ISA denied the new URL and thus our external download of the address book to began to fail.  It should be noted internally everything continued working correctly.  After reviewing the ISA logs I discovered this:

Before script:
URL = https://oldname.company.com/abs/*

After script
URL = https://newname.company.com/abs/*

This change was unexpected and resulted in a few calls to the helpdesk.  In reviewing the OCS Update Service Deployment Guide there is no mention of this behavior  in the section on “Activate the Software Update Service.” 

Lesson Learned: The ExternalWebFQDN parameter of the ConfigUpdatesServer.vbs script needs to be the same FQDN that your OCS Web Components are published under.

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