Update: OCS 2007 Administration Guide

November 26, 2007

in Microsoft, OCS

Updated to version 1.1 this document explains how to administer Office Communications Server 2007.


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What’s new:

  • Added Appendix B, an overview of the primary elements of the UI
  • Added Appendix C, describing when OCS services need to be restarted. The info in the body of the doc was also updated to reflect these restart requirements.
  • Added Appendix D, describing the settings that require AD replication to complete.
  • Added “Changing Service Account Credentials” section (for the name of the service account, password for the LSGroupExpAppPool account, and password for the Enterprise pool guest user account).
  • Created a Managing Databases section and put all previous database admin info in it, adding a new section about moving the back-end database.< /SPAN>
  • Revised and expanded deactivation info to cover other server roles (now in “Starting and Stopping Services and Deactivating Server Roles” section),
  • Added “Removing Servers and Server Roles, Removing Enterprise Pools, and Decommissioning Servers and Pools” section.
  • Changed default 801.2p Voice Setting from 5 to 0 (Advanced Voice Options).
  • Added CWAPolicy and CWASnapin to Table 19 (Logging Components)
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