Why doesn’t my login domain pull down list contain all my trusted domains?

January 7, 2008

in AD, Microsoft

If you have ever played with trusts in Microsoft Active Directory you know what I’m talking about. You have successfully built a trust to another Forest or Domain and now you want to login to your client with an account from the trusted Domain/Forest. But wait…you click the pull down menu and don’t see the trusted Domain/Forest. What gives?

Well I hate reinventing the wheel so I’ll just direct you to a recent post by Tim Springston from Microsoft who explains this process very well. It’s a short, simple read where you’ll hear everyone’s favorite Microsoftism “This behavior is by design.”

(Is Microsoftism a real word?)

An excerpt:

“If the interactive logon is taking place from a Windows XP SP2 computer or later the user credentials may be presented in universal naming convention (UNC) format.

A little more about this…

The Windows interactive logon pull down menu for domains is created by contacting a Global Catalog and querying for domains. Global Catalogs are forest specific and hence will only know of domains in their own forest. Therefore, the list will not contain domains in a trusted forest other than the root domain.”

Read the rest of Tim’s post here…

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