Publishing Communicator Web Access 2007 via ISA 2006

January 29, 2008

in Microsoft, OCS

The ISA Server product team has just published a guide on how to configure CWA 2007 for external access using ISA 2006.  For more options on configuring CWA with ISA check out the CWA Lab Deployment guide.


"The page that ISA Server 2006 publishes externally is the ISA Server 2006 page, which uses forms-based authentication. This means that we don’t have the Microsoft Communicator Web Access 2007 interface published. Some customers might want to offer their users a single-interface experience to access CWA 2007 through Internet and Intranet.

This post will explain the steps to achieve this goal on the Microsoft Communicator Web Access 2007 side as well as on the ISA Server 2006 side."

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