OCS Enhanced Presence Survival Guide

January 30, 2008

in Microsoft, OCS

Ever wanted to know more about the new enhanced presence model in OCS? A little gem I found buried in a blog post back in 10/2007 is the Presence Survival Guide. This jewel explains the basic information you need to understand presence, how it works, and how to use it to your advantage to make your time at work more productive.

Topics included:

  • Presence overview
  • Top five ways presence can help you
  • What do the presence buttons mean?
  • What are all the presence attributes that describe a contact?
  • How to manually change presence information
  • How presence is updated based on your Outlook calendar
  • How presence is updated based your activity
  • How presence is updated based your inactivity
  • How to control presence to make it visible to some, but not to others
  • How your Presence information appears to others based on access levels


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