Scripting TCP/IP changes on Windows

August 28, 2008

in Microsoft, Server, Vista, XP

If you have ever had to change TCP/IP parameters on a set of client (or servers) in mass you usually have to do it one at a time, but what if you have 100+ clients that need changing?  Sure, there are tools out there and I know PowerShell and Vista/Server 2008 has some advanced GPO settings that can “help” in this area.  However if you are like most companies you probably don’t have PowerShell deployed to your clients and aren’t quite fully deployed on Vista or Server 2008.   So now the question, how do I script the changes?  Below you’ll find a great resource on automating TCP/IP networking changes that I’ve used quite successfully on many an occasion published back in 2004.


Windows scripting technologies enable system administrators to automate many common tasks involved in managing TCP/IP network clients. This paper discusses scripting techniques and shows scripting examples for:

•  Retrieving TCP/IP client settings.
•  Working with remote hosts.
•  Configuring DHCP and static IP addresses.
•  Managing DNS client settings.
•  Working with NetBIOS and WINS.

Also included are scenarios that combine basic techniques to create sample solutions for more complex networking tasks.

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