How to setup Exchange 2007 to use wildcard certs for Outlook Anywhere

December 18, 2008

in Exchange, Microsoft

A colleague brought this post from the Pro-Exchange blog in Belgium to my attention.  Ilse lists the steps in detail (with screenshots) that are required to get Outlook Anywhere and Autodiscover to work with a wildcard certificate.  Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup 4 added support to the POP and IMAP services for wildcard certificates so we are covered here.

The key item to take away from his post is that you cannot use the Enable-OutlookAnywhere cmdlet to set the external hostname to *  The command will fail with an invalid hostname error.  The missing step to getting this to work is to use the Set-OutlookProvider cmdlet to set the parameters for the Autodiscover service so that the proper Outlook Anywhere settings are returned to the client.   Microsoft has a section in the Exchange 2007 documentation that references the steps that Ilse is illustrating.

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