Cisco Unity support update for Exchange 2010

January 13, 2010

in 2010, Exchange, Microsoft

Special thanks to fellow colleague and Exchange MVP Dustin Smith for sharing…

As you know, Exchange 2010 became generally available last November.  Unfortunately, the GA version had several issues which prevented Unity Unified Messaging interoperability. Cisco and Microsoft together have identified these issues and as of mid-December Microsoft has delivered an updated version of MAPI addressing the primary issues. Cisco is now working aggressively to validate the new MAPI version as well as make the necessary changes in Unity to support Exchange 2010 as follows:

Unity 7.X – March 31, 2010

Unity 5.X – May 31, 2010

Unity 8.X – June 30, 2010

We urge Unity 4.X Unified Messaging customers who plan to upgrade to Exchange 2010 to first upgrade to Unity 7.X once the ES is available in preparation for their upgrade to Exchange 2010.

As for Meeting Place, unfortunately planned support for Office (Outlook) 2010 has been pushed back to MP 8.5, which is not even officially announced at this point.  It’s possible this could be supported in a later version of 8.0 once that has been released, but for 6.0 and 7.0 there is nothing planned.

Customers should ultimately be working with their Cisco representative if they are considering Exchange 2010 soon, but this will at least provide some ideas when Unity support is expected.

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