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Looks like the Office 2007 Security Guide was updated as well.

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(Shout out to Aaron for finding this one…I swear he never sleeps. Note how this was posted at 2:29 AM EST on a Monday.)

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UPDATE (2012.01.12): Before considering CUCI-MOC or CUCI-Lync read these reviews:

CUCI-MOC: Pronounced “cookiemoc”.  Ok…what gives?  Are they serious?

I was recently introduced to this new “plugin” (as that’s really what it is) by Cisco from a colleague and was very intrigued.  In reviewing the literature this is a great add-on for those companies that have made a significant investment into Cisco’s UC prodcut line and are seeking to integrate their Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 R2 services.  Here’s what my colleague had to say:

This solution is a Cisco developed client-side application that’s tab-based and requires the Cisco soft phone to be installed to get all the functionality.  This is a great solution for businesses loyal to Cisco that use/want RCC because it no longer requires CUPS/Genesys.  The downside from a Microsoft perspective is that it relegates OCS to IM/Presence only assuming OCS is already there.  Customers looking to use this solution were probably never going to go EV anyway, so not a huge loss.

Obviously, MS won’t support this and will fall back to their approved Inter-Op strategy…Direct SIP between OCS & CUCM as the solution.

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Matthew McGillen over at Pointbridge wrote a nice post about it back on 4/1/2009.  Here are some highlights:

  • Cisco announced a new integration with OCS this week at VoiceCon. I got a chance to take a look at the new feature – it turns out to be a combination of a customized OCS Tab and an incarnation of the new Cisco extensible client framework. It’s called CUCIMOC (Cookie Mock – that name has gotta change!) Cisco Unified Communications Integtraion for MOC. It allows your MOC client to integrate directly to Cisco Unified Communications Manger 7.0 without CUPS.
  • …supported by Cisco CallManager 7.x and 6.x
  • …does not require CUPS
  • …Cisco hasn’t tested it with OCS 2007 R2 yet
  • …MS will not support this plugin.

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On a personal note I would have to agree with Matt, I am a big believer in the MS OCS voice solution however, we don’t all think alike so having a choice is a good option for all of us and ultimately good business for business.  This new plugin from Cisco will give those companies that have chosen the Cisco route another good tool to provide their customers/users.

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These are by far some of my favorite tools for AD management and compliment the Exchange 2007 PowerShell cmdlets very nicely. If one were so inclined you could write a very nice script to do just about anything with the combination of Quest and Exchange.

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The Microsoft community is a buzz, Exchange 2010 Public Beta has arrived.  Read all about and then try it out for yourself…

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