If you are planning on deploying server 2008 and manage group policies for your company you’ll want to check out this new download from MS.

Here is also a great post on some of the highlights from the new Planning and Deploying Group Policy download.


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You have deployed Exchange 2007 with CCR in your environment.   You upgrade your Exchange 2007 platform to SP1 and now when you run the Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus command you get an RPC error.

Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus : Microsoft Exchange Replication service RPC failed: Microsoft.Exchange.Rpc.RpcException: Error e0434f4d from cli_GetCopyStatusEx  at Microsoft.Exchange.Rpc.Cluster.ReplayRpcClient.GetCopyStatusEx(Guid[] sgGuids, RpcStorageGroupCopyStatus[]& sgStatuses)
InternalGetCopyStatus(String serverName, Guid[] sgGuids, RpcStorageGroupCopyStatus[]&
sgStatuses, Int32 serverVersion) At line:1 char:26+ Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus


Add the -standbymachine parameter to your command:

  • Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus -standbymachine <computername>


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Every wonder what ports SQL uses for communication?  Or one better, MYSQL?  Here is one of my favorite links that shows all the ports used by Microsoft’s software and services.  A must have bookmark for anyone in IT.

Service overview and network port requirements for the Windows Server system


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FaceTime has a nice product out that can do just that.  With Forefront for OCS not due out until who knows when it looks like one other company is rushing to fill the void.

"FaceTime Enterprise Edition provides organizations with the tools to standardize their Instant Messaging (IM) infrastructure on the Office Communications Server 2007 unified communications (UC) platform while ensuring compliance and securing their environment against IM-borne malware and spam over IM."

Key benefits:

  • Standardization on Office Communications Server 2007 by blocking access to unauthorized IM and P2P networks
  • Built in support for both Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Office Communications Server 2007
    allows for flexible migration
  • Identity management with policy control at global, group and individual employee levels
  • Guaranteed TrueCompliance™ to meet corporate policies and government regulations
  • Interoperability with existing anti-virus solutions
  • Zero-day blocking of IM-based worm and virus attacks
  • Anti-SpIM controls protect bandwidth and close security holes
  • Archival of file transfers over Office Communications Server 2007 into WORM storage
  • Advanced content filtering and keyword blocking to prevent loss of confidential information
  • High availability and load-balancing deployment increases security and reliability of existing real-time communications infrastructure
  • Targeted remediation and inoculation of spy are-infected endpoints without deploying client software
  • Automatic protection against threats identified by FaceTime Security Labs

Check out their product here…


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