Uniden BC75XLT Review : Affordable Handheld Police Scanner

My old radio died on me after years of use, and I had to find a replacement. Well, I didn’t save for the occasion, and I barely had a hundred bucks on me.

But I did my research and came across a great product so I am here today to give you the Uniden BC75XLT review. We have already covered this in our best police scanner review but lets dog a little deeper into this nifty bit of kit.

Uniden BC75XLT

Uniden BC75XLT
  • Number of Channels 300
  • Number of Batteries 2 AA batteries required.
  • Tuner Technology UHF, VHF
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 1 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight 0.9 Pounds

The Uniden BC75XLT is a mid-range police radio scanner which has the affordable prices tag of $90. This radio scanner packs a lot of beef under the hood and has some high-end features.

But will it last for a long time? Is it durable and worth buying? Let’s find out!


Uniden BC75XLT Features

Key Feature #1: Programmable Memory

Considering all scanners in the market, the Uniden BC75XLT makes its mark with the option of programming up to 300 frequencies. This is convenient for professional use as it easily tunes to different events.

Users can program channels and tune into the nearest point of transmission. You don’t need to spend hours looking for a transmission. The best thing about this police radio scanner is it can be charged using a USB charger. You just plug this into your PC and charge it. If you want the conventional method, you can use the AC Adaptor.

The device boots up quickly and is very convenient to program. It comes with many dedicated buttons which save your breath.

Bottom Line:

Easy programming and quick boot up is a delight for everyone who has to use a handheld radio for the whole day. I wasn’t expecting the storage option and easy programming in such an advanced device. Still, I loved the convenience.

Key Feature #2: Made to Last Forever

This device is made for areas with heavy rains and winds. If I compare the Uniden BC75XLT with some of older radios I used over the time, I used to make myself completely blind. I had to attach the telescoping antenna to make the transmission useful. Even with the antenna, those radios only managed to pick 70% of the transmission.

This means I still missed some good portions of the broadcast and was not happy with this fact. I am very pleased to say that the scene is completely different with Uniden BC75XLT police scanner radio. This was rather a pleasant experience as this radio didn’t have the limitations that others had. Even without the antenna, the sound was clear as daylight, and It picks even the weakest signals from a wide range.

Speaking of usability, I will praise the long battery life which can last more than 9 hours. This is quite amazing considering the Uniden BC75XLT only uses 2 AA batteries.

Bottom Line:

I will say that the Uniden BC75XLT features a durable and rugged built. It can handle rough use and will still work like a charm for years. For the price you are paying, this is the best police radio scanner you can get.

Key Feature #3: Close Call and NOAA

The Uniden BC75XLT allows you to monitor the weather. This handheld scanner is great for any public service worker. The signal can be transmitted to a wide area. It captures and scans frequencies at long range all the time.

Close call tech can locate and identify different signals in a region; it tunes to signals without a hitch. This even serves its edge among other scanners in the market. Uniden BC75XLT can identify signals, which makes it an ideal choice. The Police radio scanner also features NOAA weather transmission. This offers quick updates on the weather. The radio can easily store up to 300 programmed frequencies.

Conventional channels are available in this feature; These are added with features like “Do Not Disturb” function. This function avoids call during a transmission, and it’s effective to secure transmitting signals.

Bottom Line:

Uniden made this radio for the hard working public service worker. It covers a wide range and comes with advanced features that no one is giving in this price range. I was really surprised to see the NOAA in this affordable package.

Pros & Cons

After using the Uniden BC75XLT this is my Pros & Cons :


  • Offers clear transmissions
  • Easy setup and compatible with almost every system
  • Easy to use advanced features
  • Extended battery life
  • Covers a wide area
  • Needs only 2 AA batteries and can last more than 9 hours


  • You can no longer listen to transmission once you plug in the charger
  • The design is a bit bulky, no slim profile

Uniden BC75XLT Real Photos 

Uniden BC75XLT box Uniden BC75XLT in work new Uniden BC75XLT


This is a lightweight radio that has the features like other high-end products but within an affordable package. It is effective and offers great reception if you are a professional. For someone who wants to spend less than $100 and wants to get a reliable piece of tech with advanced features, Uniden BC75XLT is the ideal pick.

It has a durable build and up to date features. It covers a wide array, and if considering the price tag, this is the best police radio scanner around.

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