Operation Manager 2007 and Anti-Virus Configurations

October 13, 2007

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A good post about Anti-Virus configuration for OpsMgr 2007.


OpsMgr and Anti-Virus Configurations


Most organizations run anti-virus (AV) software on their servers and workstations to detect and fix computer viruses. However, running antivirus software on server software systems such as Operations Manager can cause data corruption and have a detrimental effect on performance.


There are particular folders and files that should be excluded from anti-virus scanning.

  • These include the SQL Server database files used by Operations Manager components as well as system database files for the master database and tempdb.
  • You will also want to exclude queue and log files used by Operations Manager from anti-virus scanning.
  • These include but are not limited to files under %ProgramFiles%\System Center Operations Manager\Health Service State\.
  • You will want to exclude the page file from anti-virus scanning as well.

If you use a firewall, you will need to open up the ports for installing the agent (135), client communication (5723), email communication (25), and potentially others. The ports used by Operations Manager 2007 are listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Communication Paths and Ports

From Component To Component Bidirectional? TCP Port
Root Management Server (RMS) or Management Server (MS) Operational Database (Ops DB) and Data Warehouse (DW DB) No OLEDB 1433 (SQL); in a cluster the second node requires a unique port number
RMS MS or Gateway Server Yes 5723
Operations console RMS No 5723
Agent RMS, MS, or Gateway No 5723
Reporting Server, Web Console Server RMS No 5724
Connector Framework Source RMS No 51905
Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) Client AEM file share on
Yes SMB 445, 51906
Software Quality Metrics (SQM) Client SQM Endpoint No 51907
Web console Web Console Server No HTTP 51908
Audit Collection Services (ACS) Agent ACS Collector Yes 51909
ACS Collector ACS DB No OLEDB 1433 (SQL)
Reporting Server DW DB No OLEDB 1433 (SQL); in a cluster the second node requires a unique port number
Operations console Reporting Server No HTTP 80
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