Mailbox Size Limits Are Not Enforced in a Reasonable Period of Time

October 26, 2007

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On a recent occasion I cam across a client that was having an issue with implementing mailbox quotas.  They have by default set  mailbox quota of 250MB per user.  This works great for the average Joe…but what about the VIPs who never delete anything? they progressed through their migration they forgot to change the quotas on the newly migrated VIPs.  So like any typical administrator they increased their storage limits using the EMC (Exchange Management Console).  But, even after making the change the quotas didn’t get applied to the VIPs mailbox…thus resulting in one angry VP.  Not good.

Why didn’t the quotas take effect immediately?

Once you reconfigure the mailbox size limits for a user the changes do not take effect immediately.  That’s because the Information Store uses the cached mailbox configuration which by default is set to refresh every two hours.  The only way to have them take effect right away is to restart the Information Store service.  WOW!  Why this may be ok for smaller companies, it is not acceptable in larger enterprises to restart the IS service in the middle of the day.

So how do you adjust your IS cache refresh interval?

Rather than re-invent the wheel there is a well written guide on how to modify the refresh interval already provided by MS.

Read on here for the resolution…

Preserving the mailbox size limit.

The Move-Mailbox command has an option that you can use when moving a mailbox that will preserve the mailbox size limits that were previously defined.

You may have guessed is already: -preservemailboxsizelimit

Check out this link for more information on the Move-Mailbox command.

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Oleg November 5, 2008 at 10:32 pm

It has long been looking for this information, thank you.