Error: OCS Common Files Not Found in Registry

November 6, 2007

in Microsoft, OCS

If you are deploying OCS Update Services and your OCS Web Components server is running a Windows 64-bit OS you will have to make a slight adjustment when activating the update services. (Reference the OCS Update Services Deployment Guide for more details on the procedure).

Issue: To activate the service you need to run the ConfigUpdatesServer.vbs using cscript.exe.  Here’s the problem.  The OCS Software is not a 64-bit application and runs in WOW mode when installed on a 64-bit server.  When you run the script from the specified location (\Program Files\ Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007\Web Components\UC Device Updates\CommonFiles) you will get the following error:

Error: OCS Common Files not found in registry

Solution:  When executing the script use the 32-bit version of cscript.exe located in the c:\windows\syswow64 directory.

Example:  c:\windows\syswow64\cscript.exe ConfigUpdatesServer.vbs [parameters]

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