How To: Cluster the Root Management Server (RMS) in SCOM 2007.

December 23, 2007

in Microsoft, SCOM

Chris Fox has posted his pre-released document on clustering the RMS role in SCOM 2007.


“Hi all – I am nearly complete with updating the How To Cluster the RMS for SP1 procedures as they will appear in the Deployment Guide.  Here they are, minus a screen shot.  These procedures will work for the RTM version as well, although you will need to skip some SP1 specific steps (like the Encryption KeyBackup or Restore Wizard launching automatically at the end of RMS setup, SP1 has this, RTM does not).  This procedure is from the Mutliple Server, Single Management Group scenario and assumes the prerequisites stated therein. Also, this procedure does not include the steps necessary to add a cluster node to the RMS cluster (AddRMSNode) that was not present when the ManagmentServerConfigTool.exe InstallCluster action was run. That will be added when the Deployment Guide is published with the SP1 update. “


Read his post here to download the document…

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