Script to capture Exchange information

September 9, 2008

in Exchange, Microsoft, Script

Brought to my eyes by Paul Robichaux and written by Jason Sherry this script will capture a plethora of useful Exchange data.  Very helpful for planning an upgrade strategy or if you just want to know how your current Exchange environment is running.  To get the most accurate and useful data Jason recommends running the script as a scheduled task every day for three days.

The script will capture the following by default:

  1. Exchange server in the forest

  2. Version of all servers

  3. Current size of all EDB and STM files, per storage group (SG)

  4. Total mailbox size per SG

  5. Total item count per SG

  6. Current number of TLOGs sitting in the log directory for each SG

  7. Total size difference based on mailbox size per SG from the last run

  8. Total item count difference per SG from the last run

  9. Mailbox count difference per SG from the last run

  10. Size of each StoreDB EDB & STM, only collected on 1st run by default

Click here to get the script…

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