Details on the August 2008 improvements to Direct SIP with IP-PBX in OCS 2007

September 29, 2008

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Francois Doremieux,& Jerome Berniere have written a great article that talk to the changes around Direct SIP with IP-PBX for Office Communication Server 2007 with the August 2008 OCS updates.  These updates allow OCS 2007 to talk with non-RFC3966 compliant IP-PBXs. In other words, the updates allow OCS to remove the “+” from the outgoing dial string and deal with no “+” on incoming dial strings.



What is changing?

This change gives administrators the possibility to set up Office Communications Server so that it can directly interoperate with IP-PBX using E.164 globally routable telephone numbers without RFC3966’s mandated “+” prefix. Additionally, Office Communications Server will now be able to interoperate with IP-PBX within a private dialing plan, exchanging locally routable private numbers.

What is Direct Sip with IP-PBX?

Direct SIP with IP-PBX is a variation in which the calls are exchanged over IP between the Mediation Server and an IP-PBX, without the use of back to back IP/PSTN gateways (i.e. in IP all the way, without transcoding between IP and TDM).

Why did Microsoft not support Direct Sip with IP-PBX until now?

Microsoft actually had built that capability from the start both into the product and into the OIP, in a standard-based way, and was ready to support Direct SIP with IP-PBX that qualified in the OIP. However, testing showed that few if any IP-PBX were capable of meeting the standards-based specifications for Direct SIP interoperability and OIP qualification.

How can I use Direct SIP with IP-PBX on OCS 2007?

The changes are accessible to users of Microsoft Communications Server 2007 via update packages as described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:


Click here to read the article…

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