OCS now talks to Jabber & Google Talk via an XMPP Gateway

October 5, 2009

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A couple of big changes were announced at the end of last week:

  1. A PIC license will no longer be required for federation with AOL.
  2. Federation costs with Yahoo! will be reduced by 50%.
  3. A new XMPP Gateway for OCS 2007 R2 provides presence and two-party IM interoperability with the XMPP based systems of Jabber and Google Talk.

More Information

Click here to read the official announcement from the OCS Team…

Click here to download more information on the XMPP Gateway

XMPP Gateway limitations

  • Virtualization of the XMPP Gateway is not supported.
  • Collocation of the XMPP Gateway with other OCS roles is not supported.
  • Only plain text is supported.
  • Notes from OCS are not supported nor is custom status on the XMPP clients seen by OCS.
  • The XMPP Gateway will only federate with OCS 2007 R2 and OCS 2007.  LCS 2005 federation is not supported.
  • Messages from the MOC client are not delivered to the last active instance of the XMPP client when an XMPP user is logged in with two or more clients.
  • When an XMPP user adds an OCS buddy, the OCS user’s presence is not seen on the XMPP client until the OCS user’s presence changes.
  • Conferencing is not supported on the gateway.

Configuring the XMPP Gateway

Connectivity to Gmail…

Connectivity to Jabber XCP 5.4…

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