OCS 2007 R2 Group Chat Web Client

March 15, 2010

in 2007R2, Microsoft, OCS

I supposed it was only a matter of time before someone took up this challenge.  The new Group Chat service that comes with Office Communication Server 2007 R2 is a great tool however it is strictly a Windows only tool.  Clients are not available for any other platform and this can be a major roadblock to a large deployment among most organizations.

Enter WebChat by Formicary…

Formicary WebChat integrates real-time group discussion forums and private, one-to-one instant messaging
sessions within other thin-client applications and/or portals; including Microsoft Offce SharePoint Server
WebChat also provides advanced intelligent message management, real-time notifcation and alerts capabilities
that already exist within OCS 2007 R2 Group Chat; enabling easy connectivity to key external customers and
business partners.


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