EMC NetWorker 7.5 SP2 now supports Exchange 2010

May 20, 2010

in 2010, Exchange, Microsoft

This provides early adopters of the new application with a basic protection option in advance of support planned for the next release of the NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications

The new option is made available via a small NetWorker plug-in and an EMC Technical Note, and is supplemented by step-by-step backup and recovery instructions in the NetWorker Procedure Generator. With it NetWorker users gain:

  • Full backup support for Exchange 2010 server, database, and volume levels (incremental backups are not supported).
  • Database Availability Group (DAG) support, including DAG Active Node and Passive Node backups.
  • Optional Exchange consistency checks.
  • VSS software provider support.
  • Server and database recovery.
  • Recovery Database (RDB) recovery.
  • Directed database recovery.
  • Mailbox level recovery via RDBs and Exchange tools.
  • Deduplication via Avamar or Data Domain.

Solution Information

The new solution is available for use with NetWorker 7.5 SP2 and requires the software plug-in and the NetWorker client software. For full details and download information, read the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Backup and Recovery Support with EMC NetWorker Technical Note.

UPDATE 10/20/2010: Version 1.1 build 128 released on 9/20/2010 – technical note updated to A05.

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mike November 3, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Hi Matt,
What does EMC recommend as far as combining logs and databases for Exchange 2010 on the same LUN. So db1 lun has db and log for db01. From what I am reading it is supported If you have a DAG and Networker seems to be using software vss. But what does EMC recommend?