Moving SQL user database with the GUI can be cumbersome and time consuming.  Using this procedure you can reconfigure SQL quickly and easily.  Modify for your needs.

These scripts assume the following:

  • Lync Front Ends are Enterprise edition and are using an external SQL Server.
  • The default Lync paths are being re-used.
  • Monitoring/Archiving databases are not included.  I will update the script later to include these databases.

For information on SQL Server Data and Log file placement for Lync click here…

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Top 10 Lync Resources

September 28, 2011

in Lync, Microsoft

1. TechNet: The first and foremost definitive source of information for Lync is the Lync TechNet library.  I would HIGHLY recommend that you peruse its contents to familiarize yourself with its layout.  Bookmark this link.

2. Downloadable guides:  Here you will find all the content of the TechNet Lync Library is easy to read Word docs.  These are very useful for creating your own administration procedures as you can easily copy tasks from here to your own templates.  They are also perfect for printing out and reviewing at your leisure.

3. Lync Operations:  Familiarize yourself with this section of the Lync library as it pertains to the general operations of Lync.

4. Lync Update Resource Center: This is a one stop shop for keeping Lync up to date.  Here you will find the latest and greatest materials.

5. Blogs:  Blogs are often the best source of information for Lync.  I would recommend that you add these blogs to your favorite blog reader.

a. – MS CS Team blog, be sure to check out the Blog Roll on the right column for a listing of excellent CS related blogs.

b. – MS Unified Communications Team

c.  – CS PowerShell Team

6. Download the offline Lync help file.  This file is a .CHM (chum) file and contains a snapshot of the entire Lync TechNet library.  Very useful for offline viewing.  It updates roughly once every quarter.

7. Lync Adoption and Training Kit: I cannot stress the usefulness of this site enough for Lync adopters.  Here you will find a vast amount of user friendly resources that can be shared and rebranded to be used as collateral for new Lync users.  I’m very fond of the Tools and Apps section.  Check out some of the cool new apps that you can add to Lync.

8. Lync Resource Kit: The Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit is the technical reference for the product. This book extends the product planning, deploying, and managing documentation in the Lync Technical Library. This book serves as a companion to the product documentation to learn how the product works under the hood.

9. Lync Resource Kit tools: Provided to help make some routine tasks easier for IT administrators who deploy and manage Lync Server 2010.

10. Lync Books:  Here are a couple of books that you can purchase for your own library.

a. Lync Server 2010 Unleased:

b. Mastering Lync Server 2010: (not released yet)

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For those looking to limit their Lync enabled users to the Standard feature set only, one can easily modify the default conferencing settings to limit these features and prevent users from creating Web Conferences. However, when you install the Lync client the software will automatically install the Lync conferencing add-in for Outlook.  The good news is that there is a very easy way to turn this off and it can all be done via the Registry.

So here’s what the Outlook client looks like before:




To make this change all that is required is to edit the following REG_DWORD value:


  • Add-in enabled: 3
  • Add-in disabled: 2

This setting can be easily manipulated via a script or GPO.  Your choice.

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Looking for a free GUI for viewing the contents of your Lync Archiving database?  This tool, originally designed for OCS 2007 R2, will work when run against a Lync 2010 Archiving database.  Just make sure you run with elevated privileges.

Click here to read the instructions…

Click here to get the tool…

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