Instructions for Programming Your Uniden BC355N Scanner

Instructions for Programming Your Uniden BC355N Scanner

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Please be sure to follow the steps below to program each frequency into the BC355N scanner. These steps will get your frequencies programmed into the private bank, which is where you want your frequencies in. All of the other banks will be the searches and will prolong your scan time.

1. press SEARCH
2. press BAND
3. press HOLD
4. UP/DOWN arrows to get frequency
5. press PROG
6. press PRIVATE
7. press PROG

*When pressing the Band key (step 2), you will see and band range (ex: 25-28, 50-54, 137-144, etc.). If the frequency that you are trying to program into the scanner does not fall within the band range displayed, you will have to tap the BAND key again and again to find the band range your frequency falls within. Once the correct band range is found, continue with the rest of the steps.

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